Scotland partnerships – “white list” opportunities

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Scotland partnership – is a unique business tool. Its advantages are:

  • Members are taxed based on their residency
  • Tax transparency
  • Information about the beneficiaries is not freely accessible
  • Relatively easy process of opening bank account in Europe
  • Separate legal personality
  • No financial account requirement

The price for registration of Scotland partnership

Mail Forwarding
Apostilled Set of Company Documents
Nominee General Partner
Nominee Limited Partner
POA. Apostilled

 What documents are received after company formation?

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Mutual Agreement
  • General Operating Provisions
  • Minutes of first meeting of officers
  • Participation certificates

If using nominee services:

  • Apostilled Power of Attorney
  • Trust deed
  • Interest Ownership Certificates

What is required to incorporate?

To provide personal details for each person declared. Contact us.

Scotland Partnership taxation and financial account requirements

Scotland partnership is free from financial account requirement. This requirement remains if general partner is limited liability company in UK.

The partnership doesn’t pay taxes. Instead, taxes are paid by the partners. In case, Scotland Partnership does not participate in any commercial activity in the UK and partners are residents of other countries, the rate of taxation applied to partnership structure is zero.

About jurisdiction

Scotland partnerships are used as alternative to traditional offshore entities. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and is not viewed as tax haven.

Scotland partnership is registered in Companies House, located in Edinburgh. Information about partnership and partners is public.

Banking, insurance and trust activity require separate licenses.

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